COVID-19 Statement

March 28, 2020

Pilots and friends,

As the landscape of the COVID-19 crises evolves around us, and decisions are made for us rather than by us individually, I urge you to take stock of your personal choice to fly during this time. We are in un-precedented times. Nobody alive today has experienced what we are currently experiencing. As such we are all making it up as we go while hopefully trying to take note of history, and what those who have experienced similar times before us did and/or should have done.
Note that notice has been given that the South Side Flight Park has been closed to residents outside of Utah County – you can find that statement on the State Park’s website

Rather than look at the semantics of the individual orders and directives that are being released by our governmental entities I ask you to look at the spirit behind these statements. We are being asked to shelter in place, and in some cases ordered to shelter in place, for the protection of our community. Additionally, while it is arguably a relatively small risk, do you want to be the person that puts extra strain on our EMS, Search and Rescue teams, nurses, doctors, and medical system? The community at large is, for the most part, respecting the spirit of the statements provided by our elected officials and staying at home – Myself included. Not because they are forced to, but because they know that they should for the benefit of the community. 

I ask you to dig within yourself before you choose to fly and ask yourself if your choice benefits the community as whole and meets the spirit of the directives, orders, and warnings that have been released by our governments and medical communities. We, as the Utah Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association do not have the authority to close a State or County park, but we can ask you to be smart, be safe, be present, and be healthy!

Thank you,
Nate Johnson