North Side POM Safety and Rules



  1.  The “Ridge Rules” establish right-of-way and are to be followed at all times (see below for complete rules).
  2.  Before launching, make sure you are clear of traffic and yell “Clear” or “Launching”.
  3.  Aerobatics/maneuvers are strongly discouraged at the Point and are STRICTLY prohibited above or in the proximity of houses, or within 300 ft of the grass.
  4.  On the North Side, paragliders can land on the grass but must yield to people on the ground. If the grass area is too populated to land safely, use the hang glider landing area. The hang glider landing area is to the West of the flight park (past the grass). If you land in the hang glider landing area, check for traffic then quickly clear the area. Kiting is strictly prohibited in, and upwind of, the hang glider landing area. See attached photo for clarification.
  5.  Paraglider only recommended max wind speed is 15 mph P-2 and 18 mph P-3.
  6.  There will be NO USE OF MOTORS at or around the North Side Flight Park.
  7.  Helmets must be worn whenever you are attached to a glider.
  8. All Salt Lake County Parks and Recreation rules and regulations apply and must be followed.


  • When traveling opposing directions, pass to the right (just like driving a car). A pilot on the “inside” with the ridge to their right has the right-of-way.
  • A lower pilot has right of way.
  • The first pilot in a thermal sets the turn direction. When entering a thermal with other pilots already in it, you must yield to them (don’t push them out of the thermal). If multiple pilots are in the same thermal, the lowest pilot sets turn direction (and higher pilots must match).
  • Always, Always, ALWAYS clear your turns. See, be seen, and avoid.
  • If you are overtaking someone going the same direction as you, pass between the pilot and the ridge (as long as it is safe to do so).
  • Do not pin other pilots against the ridge. If a pilot is between you and the ridge, make sure they have enough room to turn out away from the ridge if they need to.

    (PDF of map with full detail)

Additional Safety Information & Procedures

  • It is every pilot’s responsibility to maintain situational awareness of their surroundings. If you hear sirens on the ground, watch for emergency vehicles to potentially be on-site at any location surrounding the flight parks. The emergency might be in the park, or at the bottom LZ, or potentially anywhere along routes that pilots fly. While the presence of emergency vehicles does not mandate a requirement for landing, they should indicate the possibility of an incident that requires helicopter assistance. Be vigilant for vehicles parked on launch.
  • Vehicles parked on launch or a large X laid out in the launch area (no matter which launch, on the North Side or the South Side) mean a helicopter arrival is imminent and all pilots need to immediately land or vacate the area (as quickly as is reasonably possible).
  • If, due to heavy landing traffic or a helicopter already on scene, you feel that it is unsafe to land in the primary LZ’s, choose another LZ at your discretion that you can safely land at. There are many to choose from for both the North Side and South Side. Please make yourself familiar with them.
  • North Side bailout LZ’s include the bottom LZ, Steep Mountain Park (in the neighborhood east of the flight park), South Mountain Park (next to the Draper Pool), Wheadon Farm Park (south-east of Harmons and Bangerter Parkway), or the South Mountain Golf Course.