Point Rat Series waypoints descriptions

This table gives a brief description of each waypoint in the waypoints file:

13800S 13800 South (out past the half circle condos)
65E 65 East at the north edge of the business complex below launch
BONDOK Boondocks Food & Fun
CASCAD Cascade Mtn in Provo (very large cylinder)
CHEV Chevron Station
CONDOS Condos at east end of ridge
FLAG Flag on the top of the ridge at NS
FRONT A point out front by I-15
GOLFC Golf course club house
HAFCIR Condos in a half circle
HARMON Harmon's
HLFPRK Half Park way back in Suncrest
HRTPON Pond in shape of heart
INSPO Inspo (very large cylinder)
INT Intersection on Highland Dr closest to I-15
JUPTR Jupiter launch (very large cylinder)
KNOB Knob way at far west end of NS ridge (be careful not to get blown back here)
LONEPK Lone Peak (large cylinder radius)
NLBENC Northeast end of NS bench
NORTHS East end of NS ridge
OSBOME Osborne Lane
PARTY Spot on eastern end of NS ridge
PHILLB Potato Hill (big) - low hill southeast of the golf course
PHILLS Potato Hill (small) with condos on it
RVS RV dealer out by I-15
SHOULD Shoulder (area on NS ridge)
SLBENC Western end of NS bench
SLIDE On NS ridge, near a gravel slide
SS South Side (large cylinder)
SUNCRE Suncrest
SUNKN (Sunken) Low spot near eastern end of NS ridge
SUNLCHSuncrest Launch
TEMPLE Draper LDS Temple
TENNS Tennis courts
THE-V The V launch in Bountiful (very large cylinder)
TRIDGEThe Ridge Restaurant
V-PEAK Peak near Grandview Peak near Bountiful (very large cylinder)
WINDSO Windsock on HG finger at NS launch