South Side POM Rules

  1. The “Ridge Rules” establish right-of-way and are to be followed at all times (see below for complete rules).
  2. The hang glider launch/landing area is the area from the west of the gash (in front of the parking lot) to the center red/green flag. This area is to be kept clear whenever hang gliders are set up or flying. Absolutely no kiting in this area when hang gliders are present.
  3. The center flag serves as an informal indicator of conditions. Any POMIC approved instructor, UHGPGA club officer, USHPA instructor, observer, or examiner has the right to change the flag color on the main flag (in the launch area). Green means “general flying” and as such pattern rules MUST BE FOLLOWED! Fly the Pattern and land your glider in the proper zone (hang gliders on the East side of the center flag, Paragliders on the West). Red flag signifies no student flying and H3/P3 or above strongly recommended. Pilots remaining in the air must still follow ridge rules, but the window is open for discretion flying (acro, sliders, kiting on the edge, etc. CAUTION: NEWER AND LESS EXPERIENCED PILOTS SHOULD PROBABLY NOT BE FLYING WHEN THE RED FLAG IS UP.
  4. When the green flag is out, advanced pilots can engage in discretion flying while adhering to ridge soaring and right of way rules. This must occur outside the “pattern flags.” So, advanced pilots play to the east or west of the border flags, outside of the general flying pattern.
  5. Launch Box: Imagine a box running the length of the South Side ridge 15 feet from the edge of the hill (see the diagram below). This is the launch box. The launch box is just that, once you are at the edge you are going to launch when the green flag is out. NO KITING, NO SLIDERS in this area. If you are at the lip, launch! If you see someone in the box, be aware, they are trying to launch. If you want to kite on the lip or play around, go outside of the Pattern Marker flags.
  6.  Before launching, make sure you are clear of traffic and yell “Clear” or “Launching”.
  7.  Landing areas are to be kept clear AT ALL TIMES. As soon as you land pick up your wing and clear the landing area. As you clear the LZ, stay alert to incoming landings. Absolutely no kiting in designated landing areas. Kiting is allowed on the upper gravel plateau. Vehicles are not permitted in landing areas AT ANY TIME, no matter how brief.
  8.  Paraglider only recommended max wind speed of 15 mph for P-2, and 18 mph for P-3.
  9.  Helmets must be worn whenever you are attached to a glider.
  10.  No take offs or landings with motors on club or park property. The South Side Flight Park reaches from the paved road up to the westernmost flag out at the slide. Motor pilots please stay clear of the flight park when under power.
  11.  All Utah State Parks rules and regulations apply and must be followed.